We are Iontank


Stephen Streibig


Stephen founded Iontank in 2001 and currently heads up the studio.

Stephen is a multi-disciplinary creative and technical director with applied experience commanding an impressive array of custom-integrated multimedia systems.

As a fairly private individual, his favorite creative endeavors tend to fly beneath the radar, navigate unexplored territories and sneak up on you without warning.

Stephen is known for his ability to remain centered and focused in the face of impossible deadlines, gnarly logistics, relentless expectations and fragile budgets.

Over his prolific 16-year career, his diverse portfolio has garnered international media recognition.

Stephen is completely buzzword compliant and has an innate talent for pattern recognition. He also still sweeps the floor on occasion.


Rob de la Cretaz

Technical Director

Fueled primarily by espresso and machine oil, Rob handles all things that move in bits or pistons. When the bytes need to find a home with a few atoms, he gives them a dream house with a view.

With a background in design, engineering, fabrication, photography and a strict adherence to bubble levels, he's been voiding warranties since he was young enough to throw away a manual. Cursed with a critical eye, he ensures that the magic that comes out of Iontank performs above spec and exceeds expectations.