Capable of displaying over 1200 pieces of content an hour, the Z-WALL System is a social media dashboard with built-in curation, branding, and killer aesthetics.

There are many ways to display relevant social media feeds at your event—most of them dead boring. If you’d like something more interesting, allow us to suggest the Z-WALL.

Made of aluminum, glass, and many, many pixels, it’s a customizable display system capable of conveying an enormous amount of dynamic information in truly mesmerizing fashion. The twelve HD LED monitors come to life in a simulated train station display, flipping between content in a visually compelling, constantly updating animation. The Z-WALL is topped with a computer controlled row of physical electromagnetic flip-dots, capable of displaying animated messages. It’s a wonderful way to breathe analog life into digital content, and the sound of all 1500+ dots changing at the same time is arresting.

A social media display is only as good as the media it’s displaying, and the Z-WALL provides fantastic tools to manage and acquire tasty content. A custom scheduling system allows you to create updatable, real-time playlists—it’s designed to automatically make the most of the assets you have, and help you find more. It also has built-in tools for searching and integrating Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and Foursquare, plus a robust API for getting custom data into the system quickly and painlessly.

If you’re looking for a replacement for tired Twitter video projections or vanilla monitor walls, the Z-WALL is a best-of-breed display system for social engagement and data visualization.

Video of the Z-WALL in action

The Z-Wall was designed by Iontank and produced in collaboration with MAYA Design, Rhiza Labs and Technique Architectural Products for PEPSICO at SXSW.