Interactive fireworks controlled via the world's newest smartphone? Yeah, we can make that happen.

To celebrate the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S4, Iontank partnered with Pyrotecnico and Vice to pull off an unforgettable night of lights, music, and fireworks on Manhattan's Pier 84. Iontank built a custom app that integrated seamlessly with a rack of mechanical relays connected to a pyrotechnics firing board, allowing hundreds of attendees the opportunity to launch real life fireworks with lighting-fast responsiveness. Each participant was given three levels of firework customization via the phone app, then witnessed their choice light up the sky immediately after pressing "FIRE". Iontank's ability to integrate the digital world with the physical proved critical in ensuring that each explosion launched quickly and safely. With the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop and the sounds of Zedd, Duke Dumont, and TOKiMONSTA as a soundtrack, THUMP's Up Next launch party provided a memorable night for everyone involved.

Behind the scenes video.