The historic works of photographer Teenie Harris were brought to life in a major retrospective at the Carnegie Museum of Art with the help of our giant HD projections & frame accurate media server.

Iontank had the honor of being included on the team of experts assembled by the Carnegie Museum of Art to design and stage the largest retrospective of the work of photographer Teenie Harris to date. The scope and scale of the Teenie Harris archive is simply amazing. It has been 10 years since the museum acquired the collection and yet the archival work and research is still ongoing. It took over 2 years of coordination and collaboration to see this ambitious exhibition realized.

The stunning projections in the main gallery were organized chronologically, grouped thematically and timed to a brilliant musical score produced by the Manchester Craftsmen Guild Jazz Group. The custom Iontank media server kept the complex choreography locked together through the course of the entire exhibition.

“The public response to Teenie Harris, Photographer: An American Story has been nothing short of spectacular, exceeding CMA’s hopes for the exhibition’s impact locally, and showing strong indications of impact on a national level.” – Carnegie Museum of Art