Transparent LCD screens create animated montages in front of physical wares in these display cases for mesmerizing, maximum-impact merchandising.

PORTAL is a revolutionary remix of the product display cases you'd see in any swank retail environment. It combines the honest physicality of traditional casework with the animation of digital signage. The front panel of a PORTAL is a completely transparent LCD screen capable of displaying any content you'd see on a traditional monitor.

Translucent hi-def animations appear to float in front of physical product and interact with the goods in rich, saturated color. It's no trick of the eye—you don't have to wear 3D glasses to see the dimensions, because it's the real thing right before your eyes. Why rely on digital renderings of your product when you can craft an experience around the actual item?

Allow your products to speak for themselves—with some expressive assistance from a PORTAL.

The version of PORTAL shown here was made possible with design and fabrication assistance provided by LaserLabs Studio and GLUe Workshop.