A thirty foot wall of switchable glass lets you explore even the most expansive product line in a manner both elegant and direct.

For the 2013 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting in Miami Beach, Neutrogena was looking for an interactive centerpiece that could showcase their full global product line. Building on our previous success with Pixelfall and Portal at AAD 2012, we were entrusted to create an even bigger and more innovative design for 2013. At the outset, we defined the primary objectives; create a physical presence that communicated the impressive stature of Neutrogena in the skincare and cosmetics market, display actual products instead of mere two dimensional representations, and tie it all together with cutting edge technology in a captivatingly beautiful yet communicatively utilitarian way. The result was the Pixel Wall, a ten foot tall, thirty foot long interactive sculpture of switchable glass. Capable of displaying 384 different products and fully controllable from either an iPad interface or through a series of preset animations, the Pixel Wall elegantly displayed Neutrogena's product line. The custom aluminum frame supported a series of interlocking wood boxes that held the 384 vacuformed cyclorama shells where each product was displayed. The switchable glass and 80 inch flanking monitors were embedded in a polished HI-MACS outer skin, giving the wall an elegant finish. The whole system was brought to life by three Mac Minis controlling 384 mechanical relays, each capable of switching at 15 frames per second.

By the Numbers

  • One full tractor trailer to ship
  • Three Mac Minis
  • Four 80” screens
  • 12 Coleman coolers
  • 24 industrial control mechanical relay boards
  • 384 panels of switchable glass
  • 768 LEDs
  • 15,000 connections
  • 130,000 lumens of light


Iontank - creative, technology, integration
Laser Lab Studio - structure engineering and design, CNC work, cyclorama vacuforming
Giant - side screen content, product placement
Technique Architectural Products - metal fabrication
LTI Group - switchable glass supplier