Sometimes water and electricity do mix – with stunning results. Fifty gallons of ionized water flows over this ethereal hybrid waterfall display system every sixty seconds.

PIXELFALL is the poetic result of some intense warranty-voiding research and creative engineering. Two asynchronous hydro pumps push a steady cascade of water over the surface of an 80” high-definition monitor. Once the display is fired up and the digital content is active, the PIXELFALL is quite unlike anything you have ever seen before. As the water streams down the surface of the video screen, content is visible through a shimmering, fluid curtain. When considered carefully and rendered artfully, the animated content can be synchronized to interplay with the real waterfall and create the illusion of an otherwise impossible cause and effect relationship. Imagine the streaming water washing away portions of the video content as it showers across the monitor surface. Hypnotic and soothing, the rushing water adds an emotional dimension to the installation. To round out the effect, a bed of polished black river rock catches the overflow and resonates with a tranquil murmuring sound.

The PIXELFALL package assembles quickly and is fairly self sufficient – just add power, water and content. Iontank is available to help develop motion-graphics, animations or videos that insure our PIXELFALL will hold it’s own as the dynamic focal point of any exhibit or event.

The PIXELFALL was designed by Iontank, and brought together with fabrication and assistance provided by GLUe Workshop and Technique Architectural Products.