With directed hypersonic audio and optional iPad interactivity, the OUTPOST is a most comfortable way to showcase your content.

Iontank designed the OUTPOST from the ground up as a flexible display platform that can easily be reconfigured to suit your interactive whims. All components are cleanly integrated, wiring is neatly tucked away inside the frame and alternating between horizontal and vertical monitor configurations is quite simple. When fully kitted out, these well-dressed OUTPOST systems allow visitors to control the content displayed on the large 55” LED screens using elegantly poised iPads for navigation. The cantilevered design of the navigation surface allows the iPad to remain in full view of users as they peruse the interface options from the comfort of the command chair. The beautiful white designer lounge chairs put routine rental furniture to shame. They float elegantly, swivel solidly and ooze sophistication.

The modular OUTPOST system can be broken down into components and used separately as a streamlined stand-alone info kiosk or a stylish iPad lounge. Any way you choose to deploy it; the package includes a basic software framework to speed the development process. If your needs are more ambitious, the OUTPOST can adapt readily to custom builds, making it an easy and comfortable way to showcase your clever content.

Design by Iontank, Metal fabrication provided by Technique Architectural Products.