An interactive strategy for Genentech BioOncology, driven by a unique interface that drew inspiration from the building blocks of life.

Iontank worked with the Experiential Marketing Team from Derse Exhibits to develop a comprehensive interactive strategy for Genentech BioOncology. Beginning with the simple concept that DNA is the building bock of life, a unique interface cube was developed to drive the main interactive towers. As they entered the space, attendees were given custom transparent dice with different colored dots on each side. When the cubes were docked with interactive stations, the system identified the key color chosen by the user and unlocked the appropriate content. The cube doubled as a navigation device – responding to taps, double taps and updating content as the attendee rotated the die to a different color.

As attendees proceeded from station to station, they created their own Personal Helix, a progress indicator built from their interactions within the booth. Each Personal Helix was identified with the attendee’s name, and traveled with them as they explored. Color-coded base pairs were added to their growing DNA sequence for each activity they engaged.

The Central Helix presiding over the center of the space was a monolithic tower with 8 seamless plasma screens per side. Over the course of each show day the digital DNA sculpture added base elements in real-time and grew in response to the cumulative time invested by visitors at all the stations in the Genentech exhibit. The Central Helix aggregated booth activity and correlated it with a corporate donation initiative, providing an animated tally of contributions made moment by moment.